An Awkward Post

September 3, 2008

I have recently discovered the Awkward Turtle family. It is a great thing when one wishes to make a scene, make a situation more awkward, or call attention to the the apparent awkwardness of the already awkward situation. 

There is, of course, the original awkward turtle, where one places one’s hand palm up in one’s other palm and wiggles the thumbs, so as to imitate the desperate motions of a turtle on its back. However, there are several other members of this awkward family that I would like to introduce you to. 

First, we have Awkward Platypus. The awkward platypus is made by placing one’s hand, palm down, into one’s other hand, also palm down, and wiggling only one of the thumbs, imitating the swimming motion of a platypus with one leg. 

Next, we have Awkward Cat. The awkward cat can be constructed by taking one of the hands and raking it across one of the cheeks, from the nose outward. This simulates a cat with only one set of whiskers.

Finally, there is the Awkward Navy Seal, where one sits on the floor in a lotus position, puts two fingers up by the lips and draws them away as if to mime the act of smoking marijuana, and sings songs about peace, love, and grass.

What are some of your favorite Awkwards? Post away!


2 Responses to “An Awkward Post”

  1. oh sure fine. i’m sitting the the library knitting my brains out and you are out in the narthax having fun. way to leave the old folks out of the fun.

    so happy to see that you are posting again.

  2. Olivia said

    okay…but the best one, hands down, is Awkward Seagull. hehe…

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