My Family Is Insane.

March 17, 2008

Okay, so here is a character list of my family, a synopsis, and a few random quotes from today.

Grandpa Bob:

Bob is a cowboy whose life’s ambition is to own a ranch called “Healing Ranch” and live off a generator. He wants to have solar panels in his house and thinks that crystal rocks can heal people. He also is under the impression that desert plants contain magical properties that can cure gingivitis.

“Dear Baby Lord Jesus, God, Holy Ghost Amen, Mother Earth, Old Man River, and Father Sky, thank you for this food. Amen, Ohm, Shalom.”

That is an honest-t0-goodness prayer. I wish I was kidding.

Grandma Joan:

Joan is a fairly new-agey woman who meshes Eastern beliefs with Christianity. She has a great eye for decorating, and her apartment smells of rich mahogany.

“I like shoes too! A lot. In fact, I like shoes a WHOLE LOT. Really. I’m not kidding. Shoes are fabbie. I have like six pairs.”


Okay. 🙂 Whatever floats your boat…

Aunt Ricki:

This woman is awesome. She’s an artist and she rocks.

“Bronwyn, look! It’s a teeny tiny tiny tiny tiny teeny tiny car!”


One Response to “My Family Is Insane.”

  1. Mrs. C said

    At last a post! Truly I was ready to send out the Calvery. Families are the best. (source of material) Faux Beau to you Gabs and Godspeed.

    Ask your mom if i can borrow her baking racks, we have 30 DOZEN hot crossed buns to make for Olivia’s fundraising for Taize. Also your widgets are bloocking your posts. Love – Mrs. C

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