Family Trip? That’s A Fancy Word For Carnival!! Part 1

March 16, 2008

Family trips are memorable. People always say that. What they usually fail to mention is that the reason they are memorable is because your family does a lot of stupid things and says a lot of stupider things.

I’ll start with the airport.

Because we were going to Arizona out of Stewart, we had to switch planes halfway through, and we had a layover in Atlanta. And we were starving. We don’t usually eat out, but when you’re that hungry, you go with what you’ve got, and on the plane, all you get are those ridiculous “complimentary beverages” that are basically cups of lukewarm coke served by grumpy-faced flight attendants, who are really just glorified waitresses.

So anyway, we stopped at a Wendys in the airport and ordered. I got a sandwich (which is a fancy word for “greasy burger dripping with ketchup”, by the way), and my little brother got a burger and a Frosty (which is a fancy word for “fake milkshake).

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

But Zach’s burger never came.

Turns out that the stupid clerk charged us for the burger but never gave it to us.

Dad was mad.

Tomorrow: Horseback Riding Hurts Your Butt.


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