You Might Be A “Oh, THAT Christian Person” If…

February 14, 2008

1. You own a van.
2. With a fish and Jesus bumper sticker.
3. And a license plate that proudly states: JESUSLUVZU
4. Your hair is perpetually tied back in a ponytail….
5. …And you are a guy.

6. You wear earth tones, polo shirts, and/or tie dye on a regular basis.
7. You have more than 6 Bibles in your house.
8. You have an entire bookshelf dedicated to devotional books.
9. Your van is constantly filled with an assortment of people that you are carting to some church function.
10. You wear one or more of the following as a rule: Birkenstocks, Crocs, watershoes, or you completely boycott shoes altogether, because this is holy ground!
11. Your favorite jewelry is your WWJD? bracelet.
12. An entire drawer in your wardrobe is dedicated to your Christian t-shirts.
13. You know that Jesus rocks Superman to the nth degree.
14. You have ever tried to obtain the “Jesus look” by growing your hair long and taping a fake beard on your chin (Or, in the case of guys, you might just grow a real one).
15. You get weird looks at your school because you are either a Jesus Freak/Jesus Geek (note that there is a difference between the two).
16. Your bumper is plastered with stickers reading things such as “My Boss Is A Jewish Carpenter” “Smile, God Loves You” “Jesus Is My Homedawg” “Gpt Jesus?” and of course, the occasional proud window sticker proclaiming your devotion to the NRA.
17. You pray for every meal… yes, even leftovers which are twice blessed.


One Response to “You Might Be A “Oh, THAT Christian Person” If…”

  1. Olivia said

    hey gab, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a meme…. you can find it here… and you really need to post more, girl! you’re in arizona……blog it!

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