How To Upset A Tenor

February 11, 2008

I use the term “upset” above with reference to two meanings, those being “to anger,” and “to turn over”. Indeed, I myself have turned over some tenors and made them very angry.

First, however, I must blame my shoes. They were Crocs, and in addendum to my first blog, Crocs are large and clunky, but I had no choice, because they were a gift. At any rate, I walked into the chorus room, extracted my folder from the neatly organized numerical shelving system, and proceeded to ascend the steps to get to my seat.

What happened next should not be tried at home. All of those involved were trained singers, at least, until I upset them.

So anyway, I was ascending the steps, which was probably a bad idea in the first place, and I caught my foot on the corner of one step and took a grand fall into the lap of a Mr. Blackman, who happened to be the choir “It Boy” that year. He, in turn, jumped up a bit too late to avoid my overturned self (and fell onto the floor in front of him), but in jumping, he knocked over his chair. I hit another chair, and let’s just say that six more tenors were upset and upset.

I was very humiliated.


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