The Superbowl

February 7, 2008

The Superbowl was apparently filled with tension, war, blood, tears, guns, honey in the Giants’ helmets (which has yet to be positively traced to the Patriots), nachos, beer commercials, and Tom Petty. This information is mostly secondhand, because for the most part, I was in the other room eating orange slices and doing chemistry homework, but from all the shouting and screaming in pain, I assumed that guns were definitely a possibility.

Rumor has it that the man below went on a streaking frenzy down the field to get Eli Manning’s autograph, but was immediately tackled by a linebacker.


This Superbowl was quite possibly the best end to the Patriots dynasty that Hollywood could ever have come up with.  The utter lack of humility they displayed alongside an equal lack of any joy in the game, that toad of a coach, and that cologne-ad quarterback… If they have to act that badly while playing that well, you really want to see them fail in the biggest way possible. Plus it was fun to watch Tom Brady get hit over twenty times throughout the course of the game. However, Randy Moss’s weird chicken thing was absolutely awful to watch. Parents will sue for that, not just the halftime show, which was absolutely frightening. Here is a startling review of a conversation I had with Mr. Thom Betchler.

Mr. B:(in reference to the song “Free Fallin'”) “Hey Gabrielle, this is your song.”

Me: “Okay.” (somewhat hesitant)

song begins to play…

I realize the song is about a girl some guy is really glad to be rid of.

Commence waterfall of tears.

No, really though, it was funny.

Plus the mozzarella sticks were incredible.


One Response to “The Superbowl”

  1. Olivia said

    Join the Dwight Schrute army of champions! Dwight Schrute!

    your song-spot blocks my view of your post.

    i was rooting for the patriots. so there.

    btw, how do you tell if the players are feeling joy in the game? they just run around stomping on people’s heads. i mean, that certainly does not bring joy to my face, and neither does running up and down a field for several hours while wearing tight pants. don’t you think they might have been in pain?!?

    just wait till baseball season starts, and boston’ll show ny who’s better.

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